The Impeccable Reputation of Nate D. Sanders Means a High Level of Trust

March 21, 2019
These days, Nate D. Sanders Auctions sports a reputation as an excellent auction house, specializing in a wide range of memorabilia, including autographed items of all kinds, rare books, fine art and other collectibles. They send many auction catalogs every year to a worldwide client base, and they regularly execute private sales for their best clients. Obviously, those private sales clients obviously trust Nate D. Sanders' reputation enough to help them acquire many of the rarest and most expensive collectibles in the world.

Recently, Nate D. Sanders Auctions was trusted to hold an auction of rare Hollywood memorabilia, including extremely rare costumes and props, that fetched thousands of dollars. When it came time to auction off the iconic white t-shirt sported by Hollywood legend James Dean in "Rebel Without a Case and the shotgun Hollywood icon Steve McQueen carried in "The Magnificent Seven," the owners of those items trusted Nate D. Sanders. That is because he has a good reputation as a specialist in Hollywood memorabilia.